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1. Vera Park And The Chess Palace
A little oasis in the centre of Tbilisi centre. There is a building of very interesting architecture near the church in the park along with the Chess Palace, is a distinguished building from an architectural perspective. It recently had its original look changed and now seems somewhat alienated
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2. Betlemi District
Soundless, quiet, authentic and preserved:Tbilisi’s old district, has kept its distinctive look in the rehabilitation process thanks to the participation of local resident
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The Soviet modernist complex.
In the mess of Didube district one find a cozy and green oasis with a wonderful green house.
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4. Parallel Streets Of Vorontsovi & Aghmashenebli (Plekhanov)
Very nice places for strolling and capturing the sights with a camera
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5. Tbilisi Mosaics
You can find out about the artistic value of these mosaics through the publication/postcards brought together as a complete set titled: “Tbilisi’s lost heroes. Mosaics of Soviet times.” It includes monumental-decorative mosaics in Tbilisi’s public spaces over the past 70-80 years, many of which are now at the point of disappearing. The book is available in most bookstores.
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