Georgia to See Issue N323


ATESHGA – Ruins of an ancient church of fire-worshippers, hidden beyond a gate in one of the many ordinary yards in the heart of historical Tbilisi. Don’t miss it! 

Georgia to See Issue N324

GUDIASHVILI SQUARE – One of my favorite places in Tbilisi with old houses, and the most majestic stories of soul and memories. One day I’m sure I’ll find a secret door here leading to the past. 

Georgia to See Issue N325

Georgia to See Issue N326

ZEMO BETLEMI CHURCH – A blend of faith, mystery, peacefulness and a picteresque view; it is a place where you would believe that God is the true love. 

Georgia to See Issue N327

#3 BETLEMI STREET – You will never forget the main entrance here with a stained glass window, wooden stairs and colors sparkling on the walls. Here even the eyes of your loved one gain a different light. 

Georgia to See Issue N328

PROSPERO’S BOOKS & CALIBAN’S COFFEEHOUSE – This bookstore and café located at # 34 Rustaveli Avenue in a Tbilisian yard is an ideal place to work, have a late breakfast on the weekends or just to escape everyday routine and enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee.

Georgia to See Issue N329

Georgia to See Issue N330

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