Blue Velvet


Café “Blue Velvet” is guaranteed to remind you of the American film and its interior will definitely provoke nostalgic feelings of the 1960s. The menu will take you back to your childhood and at the same time will give you an opportunity to submerge yourself in totally new taste sensations. And all this from a hostess who is only twenty-one years old – Elene Gvetadze, who has been successfully running the Blue Velvet Café for three years.


Elene Gvetadze

How did you come up with the idea for the café?

Well, I always wanted to run my own café. Once my grandfather gave me some money to buy a car but I was so motivated to have a café that instead of a car, I took a chance to make my dream come true. I knew in advance that my café would be named “Blue Velvet” – I came across the name and the concept at the same time, inspired as I was by David Lynch. I wanted an atmosphere dating back to the 1960-70s and could easily picture the colors and style I needed to achieve it. Afterwards, the space itself dictated some details. The furniture, accessories and crockery were specially designed for the cafe and I took an active part in the process creating this design.

How did you make your own place while embracing the spirit of competition?

To tell the truth, I haven’t particularly felt this spirit of competition. No matter how many cafes there are around, I don’t see them all as rivals. My main purpose is to offer our clients healthy and tasty food without any pre-preparation. I said NO to canned and frozen products and we tried our hand at cooking well-known dishes in a different way, on our own, and that’s what our guests really enjoy!

Which dishes are your favorites?

One of my favorite things is my grandmother’s handwritten recipe book, which inspires me a lot. There’s this delicious creamy dessert and we added walnuts and cherries to it, and Khachapuri fried in a pan – it always reminds me my grandmother. Our steak served with varieties of garnish is also one of our guests’ favorites. I’m directly involved in the cooking process. Compotes, jams and tkemali sauce – everything is prepared at our café.

Do you see a future for yourself in this field?

I will definitely be here for the next few years and then… we’ll see. Since my childhood I’ve been, more than anything, interested in arts – painting, interior design and ceramics. But at present, my main activity is in Blue Velvet café which motivates us to be up-to-date; we constantly work on ourselves and the menu differs from season to season. Our friends working in culinary arts offer us some special scrumptious dishes once a week and this is a really exciting and entertaining process. Once a month we host the live concerts of some remarkable musicians, I’m proud that this has already been established as a tradition in our café. Visitors can see all our news on Facebook and plan their next visit accordingly.




22 Abashidze St. Tbilisi

Mon-Sun: 11:00 – 01:00


Tel.: 555 701 701

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