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From time to time it is important to escape the hustle and bustle of urban city life and listen to the different sounds of nature, breathe fresh air, or just enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. So, if you think that your life batteries need to be charged and you’re looking for something special, why don’t you plan a horseback tour which is available at any time of the year? Summer is certainly one of the best periods for making such trips.

There is a base situated in the mountain landscape of the unmatched beauty at Trialeti Ridge, in the village of Ghvevi, and people working at this base are real professionals of organizing exciting trips. Horses there are well-trained and equipped with a wide range of saddles, helmets and saddlebags. There are forested mountains around, majestically beautiful views, lush vegetation laden with berries and mushrooms, rare species of plants and wild birds and animals. Trips usually take approximately 2-3 hours and can also last for several days in order to view beautiful sites: Didgori Valley, Betania, Birtvisi, Rkoni, Kldekari and Tabatskuri Lake. Tours envisage strolls along wooded paths climbing up to picturesque hills or leading down to a zigzag pattern of rivers and springs in gorges. It is possible to arrange food tours as well and have refreshing stops in beautiful places.


Even just a one-hour trip from Tbilisi won’t be a waste of time if you love great views. This route from Tbilisi to Tsalka will take you through gorgeous mountain scenery, which opens up panoramic views and serpentine pathways. Moreover, the last 20 minutes of the drive is something that amounts to a thrilling Jeep-Trophy experience.

These tours are for enamored couples, families with kids, teams typically comprised of 10-12 people and all those who are eager to combine the joys of wild nature, fresh air and tranquility with the benefits of physical exercise.

It is highly recommended to give preference to protective clothing, especially boots which prevent your feet from getting hurt with sharp thorns and branches. Do not wear a rucksack while horse riding as it may weigh heavily on your shoulders- rely on our saddlebags to keep everything in place.

So, don’t miss the chance to plan your exotic Georgian adventure!

For more details you can check out Ghvevi Horse Riding on Facebook, or visit www.horseriding.ge



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