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Every modern man understands how important it is to stay healthy as long as possible. However, private health assessment is often subjective and not always consistent with the true picture. But the features of modern medicine allow you to assess the health status objectively, and, at the level of the underlying mechanisms – namely, life units – cells.

Why is it important to diagnose the body at the cellular level? The imbalance between free radicals and antioxidant forces is the trigger for the emergence and development of many diseases.

This imbalance may be caused by the impact of five main stress factors on the organism:

• Malnutrition

• Incorrect physical activity

• Psychological overload

• Chronic intoxication

• Sleep disorders

With the innovative methods of diagnosis we assess the level of free radicals and correlate it with the antioxidant activity of a cell.

We also examine the quantity of micro elements in the cells, including toxic ones – the heavy metals, study the structure of the body (by 50 different parameters), perform the fitness testing, wellness testing, diagnosis of the autonomic nervous system, genetic diagnostics and other studies.

Based on these parameters we build a science-based algorithm of guest’s stay in the eco-friendly resort conditions, which will be the most effective for health.

The health improvement program is developed for each guest, which includes:

• The functional system of nutrition of environmentally pure products and individually added endemic phytoresources (Georgia holds the leading place in the world by their diversity);

• Personalized anti-stress program of physical activity;

• Procedures for detoxification of the body;

• De-stressing procedures;

• Recommendations and appropriate actions to improve the sleep.

The picturesque landscape, well-developed area of the complex with an original architectural design, clean air – all this creates a positive attitude. The rich cultural program, which includes local tours, tasting of rare wines, the best national dishes and more will improve the mood.

At the end of therapeutic measures the repeated diagnostics is conducted and the achieved success is demonstrated to the guest.

We are pleased to invite you to Bioli to get evidence of the above mentioned from personal experience!

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