Photo Credit: Agency of Protected Areas of Georgia

There are 14 state reserves in Georgia with a total area of 140,672 thousand hectares. The fi rst reserve was founded in Lagodekhi district in 1912, which consists of Lagodekhi Reserve and Aghkvetili on the southern slopes of the Caucasus. At present, fi ve breathtaking, safe and informative tourist trails are set up in the reserve of Lagodekhi Protected Areas: Grouse Waterfall, Ninoskhevi Waterfall, Machi Castle, Black Rock Lake and the Knowledge of Nature Trail. Lagodekhi is also known for its wildlife, and has been famous for its hunting potential. Major predators include Eurasian lynx, grey wolf, brown bear, and the raptors: bearded vulture, eastern imperial eagle, golden eagle and steppe eagle. Altogether, 150 species of birds, 53 mammals, 5 amphibians, 12 reptiles, and 4 fi sh species can be found in the reserves; 26 of its plant species and more than 40 of its animals are in the Red Data Book.

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