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He was only three years old when he created his first painting, years have passed and now at 61, Kakha Gigauri is regarded as a very talented artist with sharply expressed individuality. The Gigauris are from Khevsureti, the beautiful and isolated mountainous region of Georgia, so, like many other Khevsurians, the artist does not like to talk too much, but his paintings end up doing it instead of him.

A refi ned and sophisticated technique, nice colors, and beautiful processed frames, which are also made by the artist and are essential elements of his paintings, shortly describes Gigauri’s art works. But, of course, these words are not enough and people interested in art should view these paintings by themselves to fully experience his majestic world. As the artist says, he puts his whole energy into his works and when starting to paint, the drawing itself gives him direction and inspiration. Gigauri, however, is more focused on technique and exploring colors than on concrete themes. As for materials, he can use everything, ‘even blood,’- he says, smiling and adding that artists are really bizarre and crazy people.

The painter works almost every day and is extremely dedicated to his art, but, apart from drawing, he is a good singer, an enthusiastic billiard-player and an award-winning wrestler.

Gigauri’s works are more exhibited abroad, and he is equally well – known in Russia. He has been awarded prestigious prizes and a number of his paintings are preserved in private collections.

Kakha Gugauri runs his art studio ‘Gigauri’ on the first floor of the Tbilisi History Museum -Karvasla in Old Tbilisi. The painter is almost always at his studio in the daytime, so you can drop in to Karvasla, check out Gigauri’s works, maybe exchange a word or two with him and also view the process how these paintings are brought to life.





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