Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards


Welcome to Georgia – there are the words with which we are meeting all guests who come to Georgia. But after 2015 Welcome to Georgia! became a brand for the companies working in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Welcome to Georgia! is an annual National Tourism Award Ceremony which is a good challenge for companies working in this field and should motivate them to increase their creativity and experience in providing the best service.

The founder and main organizer of the project is Ukrainian Company “Elements Group”, which has an active history in the Georgian market.

“Tourism and hospitality is one of the core developing sectors in Georgia. We view our project from a global perspective. We see huge potential for further progress of this industry in the country. Georgia has untouched nature. There are lots of places that are yet to be discovered, developed and promoted on a global level. As a result, the inflow of foreign guests will reach record numbers. There is room for development of destinations in Georgia, as well as of the service spheres. A lot of work needs to be done on improvement of the service sector in Georgia. Hospitality is deeply rooted in Georgians. However, there are global standards of service. So, these should be implemented in Georgia and combined with the Georgian touch. By combining international standards with deep-rooted hospitality, culture and history we will arrive at something unique,”said Maryna Chayka, Co-Founder/CEO of the Welcome to Georgia! at the National Tourism Awards.

The project is being supported for the second year by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia and Tbilisi City Hall, The Georgian National Tourism Administration is a co-organizer.

The Awards Independent Auditor – BDO Georgia, which calculates the number of points awarded to each nominee (points awarded by the Jury Expert Board plus the number of votes from the Online Voting) and determines the finalists and the winners in each nomination.

In the second Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards 2016 Ceremony will name winners in 19 separate categories among the Awards participants: hotels; travel agencies and tour operators; festivals and events; restaurants, food spots and wineries; travel photographer; business and entertainment venue; and companies who focus on the hospitality industry or tourism sector.


The Second Official Award Ceremony will be held on 2 December in the newly grand opened hotel “The Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi”.

Be recognized as the best in the Tourism and Hospitality industry of Georgia!

The Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards expresses thanks and appreciation to all Partners who supports the Award’s project during the second year. General Sponsor: Alliance Group; An Independent Auditor of the Award – BDO Georgia; Sponsors: Julius Meinl, YALI Construction, Mercedes-Benz Georgia, YanAir, Inglot, Sam Raan, TV Lux, FINA, Weekend Max Mara, Dessange, Sarajishvili, DHL, Financial Office, Ardi, Tbilvino, Daikin Georgia, FFG, Business Georgia, Monta&Go; Radio Partner – Fortuna; Hotel Partners: Admiral, Hilton, Mercure, Coral Boutique;


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