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THE BOTANICAL GARDEN – Beautiful all year round and especially in the autumn. You need just several minutes to escape noisy Tbilisi and enjoy the atmosphere on this mystical territory.


NUTSUBIDZE STREET – A place where two high residential blocks are connected by a bridge. The bridge is high and while standing there, you might feel sort of suppressed, but Nutsubidze’s renowned buildings – an echo of the soviet esthetic, can be best seen from there.


LISI LAKE – Spend a night at Lisi Lake and get a chance to see the violet-color lake in its beauty at dawn. You’ll love the impressively odd landscape.


TBILISI SEA – You may come across many interesting people there and “jewelry seekers” among them, trying to fi nd lost precious items with their handmade metal-detectors.


RUSTAVI – a former industrial town near Tbilisi and a perfect place for tourists interested in soviet architecture. Rustavi expresses very well the pseudo collectivization and the false ideology of the soviet times.


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