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THE BROSE GARDEN- A small square near the Galaktioni Bridge, this is an ideal and cozy place, except on rainy days, plus it’s never too crowded.

THE OLD ROPEWAY ON RUSTAVELI AVENUE – A very comfortable place for drinking in the heart of Tbilisi, but also something of a gloomy location, with an abandoned ropeway and a number of sad people nearby, trying to sell their works to tourists.

HIPPODROME – Although Tbilisi City Hall and ‘smart’ building companies have surrounded this place and developed a large part of it, the old hippodrome still remains a comfortable place for sporting activities and walking, especially with your four-legged friends.

BAKHTATURI- A special place for eating Chebureki – a deepfried turnover with a fi lling of ground or minced meat and onions (it can be also fi lled with cheese or mushrooms). It is made with a single round piece of dough folded over the fi lling in a half-moon shape. This spot, 50 meters from Avlabari Metro-station, can take you straight back to the 1990s with its interior and prices. You won’t fi nd a chair in the hall and the mouthwatering Chebureki has to be eaten standing. This dish is fantastic as a hangover cure, takes away headaches and, as some Chebureki-lovers say, it is also effective for treating stomach ulcers.

MUKHIANI DISTRICT- A city in the city that might be attractive for people interested in Soviet architecture. Nothing is interesting there at fi rst glance, and most living blocks look the same, but this identity has its own special charm which becomes more obvious while strolling there. Flat high-up roofs are perfect for a shot of adrenaline and a glimpse of beautiful views.


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