The Tbilisi Metro is 50 years old and has only two outdoor stations ‘Gotsiridze’ and ‘Didube’ to have preserved the aesthetic image of the 1990s. Traveling by Tbilisi metro lacks romanticism, but is a good option for getting from one district to another. Don’t be surprised at the beggars entertaining you on the way for a few of your spare coins.


– a majestic place on tiny Shavteli Street. The theater hall can only accommodate approximately 80 spectators. Director, playwright, artist and sculptor, Rezo Gabriadze writes plays and creates the puppets himself. 

The clocktower is an architectural decoration of the theater and you should get up-close to see the details. Near the tower, you’ll find Café Gabriadze where Tbilisi’s guests can chill out in the original interior and calm atmosphere, or on the summer terrace. 


– a place where you can find yourself in the Georgian culinary atmosphere of the 19th century on Aghmashenebeli Avenue. All details of the venue have been selected to create that authentic atmosphere. While visiting, you’ll get the feeling you’re a guest of a Georgian aristocrat and part of a large family… Not surprising as, the owner of the restaurant is the father of ten children. 

The menu brings together gourmet Georgian dishes made according to the 1874 culinary book by Barbare Jorjadze. 

KEINI MOUNTAIN IN TBILISI – From the one side one can see Tbilisi Sea and from another – Temka district, the true image of social realism. The monotonous look of residential blocks recalls the soviet past. Unfortunately, a part of the Georgian population still lives in this mental captivity. 


Restaurant ‘Kimerioni,’ located in the cellar, was once a gathering place for poets, artists and writers of the 1920s. Mural paintings by famous Georgian artists Lado Gudiashvili and David Kakabadze are still there to be enjoyed.

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