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1. Kukia Cemetery One of the oldest cemeteries in Tbilisi; a mix of different cultures and histories. A very interesting territory from the stylistic perspective
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2. Markets near Station Square Classical artifacts of the 1990s: trade centers, with chaotic and unsystematic locations and the territory of spontaneous sale and purchase!
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3. Abanotubani A distinguished part of the historic city, which has preserved ancient traditions of bathing in sulphur waters to the present day.
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4. Upper side of Avlabari district A good display of Tbilisi’s multicultural life and an example how populations of different nationalities can peacefully live next to each other. From this perspective, so-called Italian yards (little yards with old houses, sometimes with neighbors sharing kitchens, bathrooms and balconies) are a good example of it.
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5. “112” Building The 112 Georgia Emergency and Operative Response Center, located near the cross-roads of Vashlijvari and Nutsubidze districts, is one of the highest buildings in Tbilisi, with a fantastic view over the city.
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