According to the global media brand Time Out, in 2015, Georgia’s capital was mentioned among the 10 must-to-visit touristic places. Time Out recommends visitors to get acquainted with the original beauty and charm of so-called “the ancient Europe”. 

Tbilisi is the geographical center of the Caucasus with a remarkable blend of historical, Soviet and modern infrastructure. Most tourists flow to the old part of the city, where low houses, Tbilisian yards, narrow dead-end alleys, cobbled streets, cool wine cellars, and versatile café-restaurants at Meidani and Shardeni streets show off the history of true Tbilisi. 

A hostel is an economy class hotel without extra comfort, somewhere between a dorm and a family boarding house. Georgian-type hostels are excellent for those travelers or students who are fond of making new friends.

Old Tbilisi is home to a number of hostels located along the stretch from Avlabari to Freedom Square and Sololaki. These parts of the city are connected by several bridges and highways. Hostels are usually located in private houses and can easily be found by their signboards in English. Old Tbilisi is densely populated and it is possible to get information about the nearest hostels in souvenir shops or nearby cafes. 

Old Tbilisi is an epicenter of historical attractions, restaurants, trade and exhibition spaces. Visitors prefer to stay in the Old town in order to get better acquainted with true Tbilisi.  

It is not a problem to find an appropriate hostel with a welcoming host and friendly staff.  Price per night starts from 10 USD (in summer and autumn seasons). Hostel rooms are usually comfortable and cozy. A hostel-keeper can also find a room for two persons if needed for an extra 2-3 USD. Tbilisi hostels are also often accommodated with little comfy yards.  

Three-star hotels with minimal comfort are usually located in suburbs and prices start from 30 USD. Four and five-star trendy hotels in the center and on the central avenues offer the best service according to international standards. Visitors to the capital of Georgia often note that prices for hotels are rather high and for food – low. 

Hostel-keepers are usually attentive and receive visitors according to Georgian hospitality. They can also help in planning touristic routes. Hostels serve a tasty breakfast, tea, coffee; offer a refrigerator, parking space, common toilet and bath, cable TV, WIFI, 24-hour reception, and ironing service. Sometimes it is also possible to rent a bicycle. If the hostel is a big, it may also offer transfer to the airport. 

Private flats often compete with hostels. Owners of these flats are free from taxes, don’t hire staff and so perhaps this is a better opportunity for tourists from the financial perspective.

There are really a large number of places serving cheap food. One can find little bakeries of Khachapuri and patties next to chic cafes in Old Tbilisi.

You can order traditional Georgian Khinkali in almost every café and restaurant (one costs around 55 Tetri, an average portion is 6-7 pieces). 

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