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Lasha Bakradze – historian, director of the Literature Museum 

1. Baths Part of the history of the city – the legend of its foundation starts from here. The sulphur waters at the baths are very good for the health.
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2.Waterfall in Legvtakhevi It is very rare for cities to have a natural waterfall. Located in one of the historical – geographical districts of Old Tbilisi – Abanotubani, Tsavkisistskali flows directly from the rocks above.
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3.Wine cellar on Leselidze Street (K. Aphkhazi Str.) –Visitors to Tbilisi should definitely experience the taste of Georgian wine, as traditions of winemaking in Georgia date back to ancient times.
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4. Staircase in Betlemi district The views get more beautiful as you go higher and higher, and the most spectacular perspective is from the little square near Betlemi church.
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5. Funicular tram The views from these trams always make a strong impression on tram-riders!
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