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Nato Ingorokva – writer 

1. National Manuscript Centre The manuscripts kept here are the best story-tellers of our treasure, preserved to the present day.
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2. Revaz Gabriadze Puppet Theatre An unusual performance in an unusual theatre. This is a place where a puppet play is staged just for adults and one man is the playwright, director, artist and musical director all at the same time
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3. Any Bookstore Book consultants will provide you with information about recently published works, which has been written by Georgian writers and modern literature novelties translated into Georgian.
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4. The Free and Agricultural Universities A good example how one man’s good will can create all conditions for youth to gain an excellent education without needing to leave the country.
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5. Georgian Cloisonné Enamel Studio You can make a remarkable journey into Georgian enamel history and check out how these beautiful items of jewelry are made.
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