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The Clermond Ferrand International Short Film Festival will run from 5-13 February in France and its competition program puts together two Georgian films: Tornike Bziava’s ‘Wake Man’ and ‘Lost Village’ by Giorgi Todria. 

‘Wake Man’ is a finalist film of the Georgian National Film Center competition and a story about an old, poor man who learns about wakes from a newspaper and attends them to stay for the ‘kelekhi’, a traditional feast held after the burial. The at-first-glance sad story also combines entertaining and comic elements. 


‘Lost Village’ is a film about the life of a middle-aged couple in an abandoned village. One day light appears in an abandoned house a fact wich changes the life of the middle-aged couple. The husband and wife react to the situation each in a different way. 

The film was awarded with prizes at film festivals in Spain and Athens. 

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The finalist film of the Locarno Film Festival, ‘Father’ by Data Pirtskhalava, will soon take part in the Rotterdam Film Festival. 

‘Father’ is a dynamic 25-minute drama telling of a Georgian family consisting of a working single mother and two teenage brothers. The father abandoned the family years ago, without any proper explanation. The boys are much affected by the absence of a father figure in their lives… 


The Literature Museum hosts Roko Iremashvili’s personal multimedia exhibition ‘Exit to Fire.’ 

This personal visual interpretation of biblical stories features: Triptych D5,25, (multimedia), ‘Crucifix’ (multimedia), ‘Announcement’ (painting), ‘The Value of Victory’ (painting), ‘Salomea’ (painting), ‘Banishment from the Paradise’ (painting), ‘30 Silver Coins’ (painting). 


The Georgian National Museum Dimitri Shevardnadze National Gallery is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the distinguished Georgian modernist artist Shalva Kikodze. 

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Shalva Kikodze’s personal exhibition is being held following a 100-year pause, and some of the artworks are being showcased for the first time. The exhibition features approximately 300 works by the author, including paintings and graphics, illustrations, caricatures of famous artists, sketches, photo materials of the stained-glass window painted by the artist and some documentary materials of Kikodze’s biography. 


The Zakaria Paliashvili State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre opened on January 30th after a six-year interval of reparation works. The newly-restored building was opened with the opera performance ‘Absalom and Eteri’- staged by Gizo Zhordania, artist: Giorgi Aleksi-Meskhishvili. The leading parts were performed by the world-famous opera singers Lado Ataneli and Tamar Iveri, specially invited for this ceremonial. 

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Zaza Urushadze’s award-winning film Tangerines has added another prize to its collection of awards, after being named Best European Film at one of the most prestigious Spanish film awards. 

The annual Gaudi Awards selected the Estonian-Georgian co-production from a shortlist of four cinema projects from Europe 

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