Georgia to See Issue N3


In this issue of Georgia To See we will bring you the magic of Georgia’s carpets, in which you can read the country’s ancient culture. Unlike the Eastern style, a colorful, ornamental, and expressive composition is a characteristic feature for Georgian carpets. 

There is a versatile collection of carpets and shops… though flying carpets cannot be counted among the treasures for you to discover here, so expect to have to venture to Georgia’s fabulous resorts by the usual routes. 

Bakuriani is one of the most beautiful resorts, with coniferous forests, ski routes, cozy guest-houses, little cafes, narrow streets with people selling honey and cone jam, the lovely “cuckoo” train and the fresh mountain air which is so beneficial to health. 

The beautiful winter resort of Gudauri, located on the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountain Range, despite being located in a high mountainous region, often experiences warm and sunny weather. The resort offers high quality skiing opportunities from December to April with the highest point for skiing 3,250 meters above sea level and the lowest 2,050 meters. 

The pine forest of Abastumani will draw you into a fairy tale- it is a true delight to stroll there and catch a glimpse of the fascinating views. 

The thermal waters of Abastumani are world-famous and curative for many diseases, including rheumatic, neural and dermatological problems. There is also a bath-house, dating back to the times of the Russian Kings, which is supplied with natural sulphur waters. 

If you decide to stay in Tbilisi, artists and historians will offer you a special guide and a colorful collage of must-see venues throughout Georgia’s capital.

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