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THE LOWER FOYER OF RUSTAVELI THEATRE – Here on a wall one can see unique works of the prominent Georgian artists Lado Gudiashvili and David Kakabadze. Also, the famous café “Kimerion” was located here in the 1920s, a regular host of literature meetings. 

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THE WAY FROM BETLEMI TO NARIKALA FORTRESS – It is so pleasant to stroll along a comfortable touristic route in good weather. Guests of Georgia’s historical capital also have an opportunity to enjoy wonderful views over the city from this beauty spot. 

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A REHEARSAL OF THE CHOREOGRAPHIC ENSAMBLE OF SUKHISHVILI – The history of the Georgian National Ballet dates back to 1945. The ensemble offers an awesome blend of modernized ballet principles with Georgian national choreography. 

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THE GOLD FUND OF THE SIMON JANASHIA STATE MUSUEM – A special place in the museum located on Rustaveli Avenue. Visitors of the Gold Fund can enjoy a unique collection of precious metal and stone items from different historical periods. This exposition includes refined goldsmithery from the late III millennium B.C. to the IV century of the new chronology. 

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RESTAURANT “PURPUR” – A remarkable mix of a restaurant and an exhibition area located in one of the historical buildings in Old Tbilisi. One can enjoy the retro feeling surrounded by multicolor tablecloths, large lamps, old furniture and antique interior accessories. You can have an unforgettable evening with a refined and delicious European and Georgian menu, live music and catch a glimpse of Tbilisi views from the balcony. 

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