Georgian who got famous abroad

Lela Saga (Sagareishvili) is a 27-year-old wrestler who started her career in Greece, Athens. As one might realize it is hard for 20 year old to move abroad without parents and start an independent life all by himself/herself. Moreover, Lela did not know Greek; it must have been even harder for her to start communicating with unfamiliar people. However, Lela turned out to be extremely brave, targeted and straightforward. While she was working in the café as a waitress she was also in a wrestling team where the coach noticed her abilities. Soon her successful career got its roots in wrestling. 

Lela made her dream of childhood come true, even though she is away from home and from her parents. She has not lost connection with Georgia. Her thoughts are always with her home country because she was brought up in Georgia. However, Lela found her second home in Athens, which made her dreams come true. City of Athens made her desires into reality and Lela Saga became a woman, who she always wanted to be, a famous wrestler.  


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