9 types of Georgian wine got awards in the city of Tokyo in the competition called “Sakura”. Georgian wine got double gold, 4 gold and 4 silver medals. 

The top Georgian wines named on “Sakura” were:

  • Double gold – “Saperavi.Rezervi 2005” company “Kakhuri”;
  • Gold – “Saperavi. 2008”, company “Kakhuri”;
  • Gold – “Saperavi. Saojaxo Rezervi. 2013”, company “Lukasi”;
  • Gold – “Marani. Kondolis Venakhebi. Sami. 2013”, company “Telavis gvinis marani”;
  • Gold – Marani. Rezervi. 2007” company “Telavis gvinis marani”;
  • Silver – “Mukuzani Iberiuli. 2013”, company “Shumi”;
  • Silver – “Napareuli.2013”, company “Shumi”;
  • Silver – “Satrapezo Saperavi. 2012”, company, “Telavis gvinis marani”;
  • Silver – “Saperavi Qvevris. 2011”, corporation “Kindzmarauli.

“Sakura” international competition is world known and it was held third time this year. The women who work in wine industry, journalists and writers were presented as a jury. There were 35 countries and 3543 wines nominated in the competition. 


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