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Fotorator is a completely new device which appeared in the startup ecosystem not so long ago. Belonging to young and motivated entrepreneur Gabriel Meliva, Fotorator allows users to print photos easily from their mobile phones. The device is innovative since users of Fotorator can print photos uploaded to Instagram as well as transfer and print files using Bluetooth. Fotorator kiosks will be located in active touristic zones since statistically people take more photos in such places. Fotorator is patented and currently costs 6,000 USD. Fotorator has been already been purchased in Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Russia. Other European countries are also interested in this device and negotiations are underway.

Gabriel Meliva is also the founder of another startup “Memogram,” a photo device created to print photos from Instagram and usually rented by various organizations. This device is handy as you need only to add #hashtag to a photo on Instagram and it will automatically be printed in your selected format.



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