Niko Kherkeladze’s Exclusive and Refined Art


The artistic world of Niko Kherkeladze is very individualistic, sincere and refined, mostly painted in pastel shades that bring life to the works. While looking at his paintings, you’ll feel positivity radiating out, the paintings themselves seeming to breathe with life – talking to you without words.

Born in 1953 in Akhalgori to the family of an official, Niko Kherkeladze graduated the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts with honors in 1977. Kherkeladze is very productive even today and he has launched several personal exhibitions, has taken part in numerous group showings and has had his paintings exhibited in a plethora of countries: Georgia, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Japan, Italy, France and more. The artist’s works are preserved in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Karl-Marx-Stadt in Germany and have been also purchased by private collectors.

 Niko Kherkeladze has been awarded with medals and diplomas and some of his most important honors include: the Prix d’Honneur du Salon Carrousel du Louvre for his painting “Pirosmani” (2010), the 2013 Vazha-Pshavela Prix for particular contribution to Georgian Art, and the Galaktion Tabidze Prix for paintings based on the poems of Galaktion Tabidze. He also holds the honorary title of Georgian Culture Representative.

Head down to Palitra gallery in Old Tbilisi at 8/10 Erekle II Street and explore Niko Kherkeladze’s majestic art yourself!



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