World’s Smallest Museum

A museum size of which is not bigger than 6 square meters is located in Tbilisi, Georgia. The place is a home of a world famous Georgian self-taught painter Niko Pirosmanishvili, who is known as Niko Pirosmani. Pirosmani could not afford living anywhere else, but under the stairs where he created various artworks. 

The house is located at Niko Pirosmani Street # 29. It has been turned into a house museum in 1982. Currently the existing head of the museum is Kakha Janiashvili. However, the museum was opened and taken care of by Anzor Mazgarashvili. Both locals and tourists visit Pirosmani’s house museum. It is worth to note that the museum does not include the original paintings by Pirosmani due to safety reasons. However, his masterpieces can be found at Niko Pirosmanishvili’s State Museum in Mirzaani.

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