6 MONUMENTS of Cultural Heritage in KAKHETI


GREMI – Kvareli district. The XVI century architectural monument of royal citadel and the church of the Archangels. The complex is what has survived from the once flourishing town, which in the XVI and XVII centuries served as the capital of Kakheti in which Persian literature was translated. The lively trading and flourishing town of Gremi, famous for its living complexes, royal residence and bath – houses was razed to the ground by the armies of Shah Abbas I of Persia in 1615 and the town never regained its previous prosperity.

GURJAANI KVELATSMINDA – Gurjaani district. A unique monument of Georgian architecture of the VII century. It is the only church to have two domes. As legend claims, the Virgin Mary made miracles in the church and curative milk flowed from the walls. At present it is a monastery for monks.


NEKRESI Kvareli District. The monastery complex of the IV – VI centuries is currently At present a monastery of monks functions there. The town was established by King Pharnajom around the II – I centuries BC. In the IV century AD, King Thrdat built a church in this place, which is one of the oldest Christian churches in Georgia. Nekresi was a spiritual, enlightening and politically signifi cant center of Georgia.


GAREJI – Sagarejo district. A rock – hewn monastery complex of the VI -XVIII centuries, Gareji is located on the half-desert slopes and is the biggest complex in Georgia. It was founded by the Assyrian Father David Garejeli. Besides architecture, Gareji is famous for its beautiful and unique froscoes. The monastery was often raided.

KHORNABUJI – Dedoplistskaro district. Ruins of a fortress and dramatic landscape. In historical sources it fi rst emerged in the V century. Khornabuji always had an immense strategic importance and was the center of Kambechovani.

KVARELI FORTRESS – Dating back to the XVI – XVII centuries, this fortress is situated on the plains, surrounded by tunnels and having a quadrangular shape.


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