CHAOS In Tbilisi


CHAOS In Tbilisi, Or Tbilisi’s New Concept Store 

A minimalistic style with modern elements, where an old Soviet kiosk is used as a cashbox and where one can fi nd a skate ramp in the corridor, a ping pong table at the entrance and an exhibition hall with lemon – yellow walls: it is Tbilisi’s new concept store ‘Chaos,’ located in the popular Rooms Hotel in a former publishing house building on Kostava Street.

As well-known Georgian model Nini Nebieridze, one of the founders of Chaos Concept, says, she, together with Salome Bezarashivli, Gola Damian and Nino Bochorishvili, decided to arrange a store in Tbilisi to reflect the spirit of the 21st century with its alternative, new punk and skater style. She says ‘Chaos’ is not only a store, but a modern space for young people to hang out in and also to promote young artists and give them an opportunity to arrange their shows in the lemon – yellow exhibition space.

Despite Chaos Concept opening only recently – in June 2016, it already has regular clientele and people interested in the modern trends of fashion. There, you can find numerous well-known brands, including: House of Holland, Shrimps, Aton Belinskiy, Alpha Industries, Wood Wood and many more, as well as the works of Georgian designers: Gola Damian, George Keburia, Nicolas Grigorian, LTFR and Nik O Nik. In adition, Chaos Concept store also produces its own brand.

The concept store is also set to open a second branch in multifunctional creative venue ’Fabrika’ soon. Tbilisi offering another chance to revolutionize views and offer something interesting for individual tastes!




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