A brand new fascinating project of a fourseason Kokhta Mitarbi Resort has kicked off and in the next year an area near Kokhta mountain will see a truly magnificent complex and tourist infrastructure of hotels, apart hotels, coages, food and entertainment facilities to accommodate more than 600 families.

A memorandum of cooperation between the Georgian Reconstruction and Development Company was concluded in 2015 in the frames of which Mitarbi village near Bakuriani will undergo full restoration, with the main concept that the mountainous resort with its wonderful location can make families, couples and different target groups of visitors happy all year round: Kokhta Mitarbi Resort – 4 Seasons of happiness!

The world famous French companies ‘Geode’ and ‘Compagnie des Alpes’ are in the process of preparing a 10-year general plan of developing Bakuriani – Kokhta Mitarbi that will be a  fundamentally new era in the development of Georgian tourism and a project concept based on the highest standards.

Within the project a new ski lift was installed on Kokhta Mountain in 2015 and by the end of 2016 two new ski lifts of Kokhta and Mitarbi and one plaer lift will be installed by a leading company in this field – Doppelmeyr.

The project as an unprecedented partnership between the private and public sector and aims to provide new jobs and promote local small businesses as well as to popularize Georgia’s mountain regions as one of the most remarkable destinations for tourists!

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