LIT Cafe

LIT Cafe A Space Inspired By Youthful Energy


Tbilisi has seen a number of new cafes recently – chic, cozy, modern, alternative, youth-oriented or classy… LITcafé at #2 Tarkhnishvili Street with a renewed image is also on the list of must-visit Tbilisi’s cafes for its modern and minimalist, refined look.

􀁰􀀶􀁊􀁇􀀂􀆂􀁔􀁕􀁖􀀂􀀮􀁋􀁖􀁇􀁔􀁃􀁖􀁗􀁔􀁇􀀂􀀥􀁃􀁈􀃅􀀂􀁑􀁐􀀂􀀭􀁑􀁕􀁖􀁃􀁘􀁃􀀂􀀵􀁖􀁔􀁇􀁇􀁖􀀂􀁙􀁃􀁕􀀂􀁏􀁑􀁔􀁇􀀂"The first Literature Cafe on Kostava Street was more focused on books and increasing the awareness of literature, as my children were at an age when they needed to fall in love with books and gain reading habits; then came the turn of creating a cozy atmosphere to communicate and exchange ideas – the second concept of the cafe at Tarkhnishvili – and finally , I mentally came to such a space and saw the new cafe , fully corresponding to youthful aspirations and energy , " says Nino Zhvania, founder of LITcafe , adding that at present she is more motivated and interested in communication with youth. 

There are some key points why I recommend you drop in to the cafe – it's cozy , modern and youth -oriented ; it serves appetizing food;  series of interesting activities take place there and , finally , the team working at the cafe fully consists of young employees and creative minds. 

So, don’t miss a chance to explore LITcafé’s gourmet dishes and sweets or the Gin Shkhivana made in Georgia. For more concrete info of LITcafe activities, you can visit them on Facebook:

The interior design belongs to young architect Ramaz Kiknadze together with Maksime Machaidze. “From the beginning it was only an empty room and step by step ideas appeared to create a kind of gallery-type and youth-oriented space,” says Ramaz, going on to tell me that this design is not permanent and should be changed from time to time with new elements. He hopes to receive feedback about these changes from the clientele itself.


As café manager Maia Chokhonelidze points out, the main segment of LITcafé consists of young people who also come to enjoy live music by famous Georgian DJs on Fridays. “In addition, we try to promote young and interesting artists in shows at which art-lovers can also buy the works on display,” notes Maia.


Thursday is a special day at the cafe, when architect and artist Konstantin Gunia organizes film screenings. Head there for 21:00 to see selected art-house and classic films on the special three-meter long screen. 


Food: an essential element of every such spot. Zuka Shonia is a young Chef with a very good background who got a Culinary Master’s Degree in Italy. He has added hugely to making an appetizing and youth-oriented menu for the café. Zuka is fond of experimenting in sandwiches and is also focused on healthy food, including vegetables which might not be usual favorites for youth but which the Chef transforms into truly mouthwatering dishes.


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