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THE GEORGIAN NATIONAL CENTER OF MANUSCRIPTS The real treasure of Georgian culture and history preserved in archives. The history of Georgian manuscripts is very important for Georgians, thus tourists will be able to explore it through this unique collection.


PLEKHANOVI DISTRICT – Plekhanovi District (an adjacent territory to Marjanishvili metro-station) – a place which has preserved the real image of true Tbilisi with Catholic and Russian churches, old cinema ‘Apollo,’ the State Marjanishvili Theater and modern restaurants in old yards.


OTARA’S SAKHINKLE ‘MOSCITOS’ – Otara’s Sakhinkle (a special place for eating Khinkali) ‘Moscitos’ in Tskhneti village – there is no chic design there, moreover one can see newspapers instead of tablecloth, but still, it could be your best and most bizarre -Tbilisian experience, besides wich Otara is regarded as the best Khinklali – maker in the city.

ANCHISKHATI – the oldest Orthodox Christian church in Tbilisi, located at #19 Shavteli Street, the right bank of Mtkavi, near the Gabriadze Puppet Theater.


THE REZO GABRIADZE PUPPET THEATER – A theatrical castle in the center of Tbilisi, and one of the visit cards of the city. You can also drop in to the adjacent cafe there after enjoying a puppet show within the theater.


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