For the first time in Georgia will be held exhibition of Old Georgian Wine vessels!

  Jewelry and antiquity  saloon "Diadema" on December 11 at 12AM, on K. Marjanishvili Ave. №18 will organize exhibition of old Georgian wine  vessels for the first time in Georgia. During the exhibition called “Expressive Vessels” will be presented preserved Georgian cultural heritage and unique wine vessels from private collections.

  Above mentioned exhibition aims to promote Georgian cultural heritage and popularize it  through the wide range of community. Visitors will have opportunity to get acquainted with the origin of vessels and their cultural value. Guests will be able to acquire the rarest original vessels, among which will be exhibited  wine cups, exclusive vessels with an interesting provenance. belonged and dedicated to prominent Georgians -Vano  Saradjishvili, Davit Dadiani, Aleksandre Dadeshqeliani and other  well-known national celebrities. The event will be the rare chance for every citizen to get aware with the historical and cultural values. 

  Jewelry and antiquity saloon "Diadema" operates on Georgian market since 1997 as a manufacturer of exclusive gold jewelry. The company is well-known as a constant supporter of various competitions and cultural events. “Diadema” is general sponsor and participant of quite many international projects, exhibitions and the festivals. Company also is an author of numerous awards  for the winners of  – "Miss Georgia", "the student's face", "the best women chess players", "fotomani" "the best football player ", "Miss Bikini", etc.


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