A Brand New Trend in Georgian Fashion

Tbilisi has seen various new fashion initiatives by emerging and homegrown Georgian designers recently, and the ‘Muzaradi’ (hood) project is among them. Ketevan Kherkheulidze’s idea of creating refi ned, individual and creative unisex hood-form head covers is the latest trend of Georgian fashion.

The designer initially created a head cover for herself, but it became so well-accepted and admired that Kherkheulidze made up her mind to produce more pieces as an expression of her individual style and design. Though not having much experience in fashion tendencies, she really did her best. As Ketevan remembers, she was always interested in odd experiments even in her childhood; for example, how to make a skirt from trousers and so on…

Historical helmets were used by fi ghters in wars, but as the designer says, she has changed the functions of Muzaradi and turned them into harmonious and modern symbols of peace. Ketevan has also used their family emblem in the design and, as she notes, it is a very precious detail for her.

Muzaradi head covers are sold in the Flying Painter concept shop-studio at Fabrika (# 8 E. Ninoshvili Str.). Also in INDEXflat ( Moscow ) and SINAZE .

 In addition, the designer is working on a new collection and is planning to export these fashionable helmets to Russia and France.

Ketevan says she has a lot of new ideas apart from Muzaradi, but those she is keeping secret for now.

E-mail: Muzaradi2017@yahoo.com

Mobile: (+995) 577445555

Instagram: Muzaradi

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