Some Creative Shopping Ideas … Ceramic Studio 1300

A bright and sunny place where a number of beautiful, interesting, refined and artistic ceramic objects are created. Taso Gomelauri and Irina Jibuti are hostesses of the shop-studio; both young ceramic artists, having successfully collaborated with each other – fi rst in Taso’s flat and afterwards in that comfortable shop-studio at Fabrika. ‘It’s a place where magic happens,’ says Irina, and yes, indeed, this art form is like magic, putting together all four elements: water, air, fi re and earth… Taso and Irina started alone in the beginning, but later, due to the many orders and time-consuming work, they were joined by others and now their team consists of fi ve artists. Ceramic Studio 1300 offers a wide and versatile choice of ceramic works, so go check it out to find your individual ceramic piece of art!

Photo: Ana Boko

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