Some Creative Shopping Ideas … Flying Painter

Flying Painter a shop-studio with unique content and history, where it’s possible to fi nd clothes, accessories and jewelry to expressing individuality and also corresponding to the latest fashion, but not to mass-production tendencies. Flying Painter brings together three directions: conceptual clothes and accessories made by modern artists, production of designers, and soviet vintage. If you want to venture back in time, there are clothes dating back to the 1980s made in the sewing factory, found quite by chance during restoration and repair works at Fabrika. Flying Painter is run by Eka Ketsbaia, Mariam Natroshvil, Detu Jincharadze, Natuka Vatsadze, and Bobo Mkhitari – all of them artists working together harmonically, but in different directions, creating the remarkable content of this space. There is a wide choice of interesting items in the shop-studio: Karamaniani is the fi rst project of Flying Painter, inspired by Persian heroic epos and created for enthusiastic travelers. Ketsbaia’s coats – like warm blankets for chilly winter days. Vatsadze’s collection ‘The Flying Carpet’ brings together coats and dresses made of old tapestries and carpets, while the accessories of Natroshvili and Jincharadze are very expressive and extraordinary. But this is just a short list of the interesting stuff on display; this artistic space is really worth a visit to stroll between hangers and shelves… As for the future, Flying Painter has lots of plans and the founders intend to collaborate with amateur artists and provide them with a space for exhibiting their art works while giving visitors an opportunity to purchase them at reasonable prices.

Photo: Ana boko

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