EDITORIAL Nestan Nene Kvinikadze

If you're interested in urbanism, you'll find just what you're looking for on the pages of Georgia To See magazine. Tbilisi, like other post-soviet cities, consists of numerous suburbs. They are totally dissimilar – you can find something new and impressive in every district: a monument, an old shop , a post-office , a photo-atelier, or a roof of a gloomy block with fascinating view.

The must-see places in this winter issue, as recommended by famous and successful Georgians are eclectic and versatile – an old ropeway , the old hippodrome, the Brose Garden, the oriental art collection at the Georgian National Museum and portraits the Qajar , the widest collection after Iran. 

Tourists fond of history can visit Kldisubani in Old Tbilisi and check out the Ateshga, an ancient temple for fire-worshippers and one of the oldest constructions in Tbilisi. 

You'll find the story of Georgian documentary film and the "fire" lit by young artists at the Royal District Theater. We'll teach you about the first Georgian cookbook and give you recommendations for the best trips to winter resorts.

Don't forget you're in the country of wine and this season we also offer Chacha- a strong alcoholic drink which pairs fantastically with chilly weather and hot dishes. Chacha is an essential part of Georgian menu and you can learn more abour it in this issue.

Plan you urban, cultural and gastronomic trip with us .

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