Spy Spices

A new Handmade product 

A new product, and a great gift for a foreign friend or guest, has recently appeared on the Georgian market: Spy Spices – a homemade product to help you prepare the most delicious Georgian dishes. The elegantly designed mixture of spices is also accompanied by recipes in English, Russian and Hebrew.

Mako Kavtaradze – the creator, tells us more.

“Three years ago, I decided to better explore Georgia and to discover new interesting places and as it turned out, it was quite an expensive idea. A friend of mine advised me to qualify in the guiding profession, so I took a short course at the Association of Guides and soon started work. I’ve since visited almost all the regions of Georgia.

Once, while chatting with my brother, I mentioned that I have to repeatedly write Georgian food recipes down for my tourist groups and often go with them to the market to buy spices. That’s how the idea of creating a majestic and comfortable box of spy spices was born.”

– The product has special recipes in three languages.How did you find these recipes and which dish would 􀀫􀁒􀁚􀀃􀁇􀁌􀁇􀀃􀁜􀁒􀁘􀀃􀃀􀁑􀁇􀀃􀁗􀁋􀁈􀁖􀁈􀀃􀁕􀁈􀁆􀁌􀁓􀁈􀁖􀀃􀁄􀁑􀁇􀀃􀁚􀁋􀁌􀁆􀁋􀀃􀁇􀁌􀁖􀁋􀀃􀁚􀁒􀁘􀁏you recommend the most?

– We created a list of must-taste Georgian dishes. My mom prepares every dish from this list except Svanetian salt, which is usually sent to us by our friend Ana Girgvliani from Svaneti. So, we got all the recipes from my mother, later translated them and put them on the box. My special recommendation goes to eggplants with walnuts – a very picante and gourmet dish which needs a harmonic mix of spices, to be found in Spy Spices.

– How do you see the development of gastronomic tourism in Georgia from your professional perspective?

– Georgia has great potential for gastronomic tourism, and the list of Georgian and Caucasian dishes in general is quite long, so I would like our gastro culture to be promoted on a higher level.

– How many mixtures of spices do you have in your collection  and where it is possible to find spy Spices?

– We have six mixtures of spices for Satsivi, eggplants with walnuts, beans in clay pots, stew and Svanetian salt for Kubdari and at present we are in the process of preparing a recipe and mixture for fish dishes. It's possible to 􀁊􀁏􀁈􀀃􀁂􀀃􀁓􀁆􀁄􀁊􀁑􀁆􀀃􀁂􀁏􀁅􀀃􀁎􀁊􀁙􀁕􀁖􀁓􀁆􀀃􀁇􀁐􀁓􀀃􀁭􀁔􀁉􀀃􀁅􀁊􀁔􀁉􀁆􀁔􀀏􀀃􀀪􀁕􀀈􀁔􀀃􀁑􀁐􀁔􀁔􀁊􀁃􀁍􀁆􀀃􀁕􀁐purchase our product in Old Tbilisi, in the Cheese Houses on Leselidze and Paliashvili streets, in Meidan Square, Leghvtakhevi, Gallery 27, Caucasus Nature Jewels, 17 Kvadrati, Mtskheta, Uplistsikhe, Paprika, Café Leila and online – from soplidan.ge.

In future, we also plan to expand and open small brandy shops in Mtskheta near the tourist route.

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