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Recommendations from Tbilisi Residents

TOMA CHAGELISHVILI – Documentary fi lmmaker Portrait Photo: LUCKY

ATESHGA – Tourists interested in history should defi nitely visit Ateshga in Kldisubani of Old Tbilisi. The building highlights the multi-culture of Georgia, an ancient temple for fi re-worshipers and one of the oldest constructions in Tbilisi.

GNM OPEN AIR MUSEUM OF ETHNOGRAPHY – A unique open-air museum and mini-model of Georgia, the houses on display were specially brought to this place from different regions and contain carefully chosen museum pieces. One of the houses from the village of Chachkari is 300 years old. Tourists also have a brilliant chance to explore the gastronomic culture of Georgian regions on weekends and arrange a trip back through the history of the country by taking part in various culinary activities, for example in baking traditional Georgian bread near the Kakhetian house.

ABANOTUBANI – A great opportunity to see historical landmarks from the XVII century in the heart of Tbilisi. Most of the bath-houses are open and the most remarkable is the one at Grishashvili Street with its stunning mosaics and antique elements.

THE BOTANICAL GARDEN – There is a lack of recreation zones in Tbilisi and the Botanical Garden is a wonderful getaway from the noisy city, in addition to being beautiful all year round.

THE NATIONAL CENTER OF MANUSCRIPTS – Put on the gloves and get exploring the numerous exciting and beautifully illustrated unique manuscripts, rarities and historical documents. You’ll get a real sense of the history of Georgia here.


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