Nana Ekvtimishvili was named between 9 best directors by New York Times

Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Gross got a reward for the best director at the Sofia International Film Festival, for "My Happy Family»!

 New York Times named them between 9 new directors whose films must be seen . 

The film’s global distribution right was bought by Netflix.

It was also named as a discovery of a year on Sundance Film Festival . 

Some well known editions write about the film as: German Spiegel ,Villagevoice, Theplaylist, The Hollywood Reporter and Newdirectors.

«My Happy family» is not a story only about the woman who avoids the press in the family . Nana and Simon perfectly told the story of Nana’s(main Character ) life in details . The film tells how equally  the love and arguing effects the family . This isn’t only a film its a life with disappointments and superiorities . « – writes a journalist of Villagevoice.

Film Critic –  Jordan Mintzeri says: «My Happy Family « is a perfect example of the women who are discriminated everywhere – at work , in the family, in the streets  … He also says that some scenes reminds us the films of Woody Allen , especially «Annie Hall « 

The story develops in a normal Georgian family , where 3 different generation representatives live together. In this case the main character is a teacher of Georgian Literature – Manana Mkheidze who decides to change her life . 

The film premier was held in USA and Berlin .In the end of the year the Georgian spectator will see premier as well . 


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