CO.MODE Multi Georgians Designers Store

In recent years, Tbilisi has seen a number of individually styled concept stores, decidedly not oriented on mass-produced items and offering a space for style-conscious young people to dress and hang out.

CO.MODE concept store, located at #14, I. Abashidze Street, Tbilisi, is one such place with liberal prices, high quality and good service; attracting people with a collection of fashionable and conceptual clothes, shoes, hats, handmade bags and other accessories made by young Georgian designers.

One of the main priorities of the concept store is to work with Georgian designers, including beginners, giving them a great chance to promote and motivate talented artists. Consequently, all items in the shop are made in Georgia based on individual style as well as world fashion trends. In addition, the shop has its own sewing salon and a fast-sewing service to cope with the demands of clients.

As Nino Ugrekhelidze, a founder of the store, notes, CO.MODE had a very good start this year. April was very active and CO.MODE presented its collection at the Tbilisi Fashion Week showroom; the brand also took part in Kazakhstan Fashion week in Alma- Ata with a collection of its clothes line and various accessories by Georgian designers. “We got positive feedback and to tell the truth, it exceeded our expectations. May is also a busy month and we plan to showcase our brand at Baku Fashion Week on May 23- 27,” she said adding that CO.MODE always receives invitations from fashion weeks of neighboring countries and thanks to this, the brand is growing in popularity, increasing awareness and is looking forward to reaching the international market soon.

In addition to these novelties, CO.MODE’s site www.comode. online and mobile application CO.MODE (in demand with clientele) will see daylight soon and everyone interested in the brand’s collections will be able to purchase products from every corner of the world.

So, you have a good opportunity to check out CO.MODE’s fascination collection online or in person and express your individuality with the latest fashion items! 


14, Abashidze str. Tbilisi, Georgia | T.: 595 23 22 98, 558 25 35 20 | E.: | co.mode_official | co.mode_official


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