Follow us on a tour of the bazaars, because neither industrialization nor fashionable supermarkets have yet replaced their magic. It’s worth visiting them, even if you don’t need to buy anything, as they are also places where people get together and communicate, praising products…and you might hear interesting stories if you drop by for a while.

Plus the look: a visually bouquet of Guda cheese and Georgian spices, mountains of fruits and the tranquilizing smell of herbs.

Spring and summer is a time of festivals in Tbilisi, when the world famous artists gather in different spaces. This is a period when electronic music-lovers can be enchanted with music by Michael Mayer, Mathew Jonson, Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin; and Alva Noto’s performance, a grand concert of Aerosmith and NBE tour in Georgia. 

You can escape the Tbilisi buzz in various regions of Georgia, discover suggested routes and illustrative photos on the pages of this issue of Georgia to See. 

Explore the unbelievable history of ‘Leloburti:’ an ancestor of modern rugby, 

Leloburti is played annually in Guria.

On the pages you can learn about Georgian film pioneers and modern artists whose animations have impressed the world. Permanent expositions in museums alongside the recommendations of must-see places from remarkable Georgians. 

Plan your trip to Georgia with the Georgia to See magazine.

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