LOPOTA Lake Resort & Spa

The Place where the Time Stands Still

It is the place where time stands still! ‘Lopota Lake Resort & Spa’ offers a fabulous and peaceful atmosphere to relax and chill out in through all four seasons. This year is very special for the resort, as Lopota meets this season with some novelties and an agreement between “Lopota Lake Resort & Spa” and “the Partnership Fund” has already been concluded which aims to put USD 5.4 million of investment into development of the resort. Consequently, three new blocks with 85 rooms will soon appear on the territory plus two indoor and outdoor swimming-pools and a Château. Maka Ghlighvashvili, new commercial director of the resort, told us about the future plans of the resort.

MAKA GHLIGHVASHVILI – Commercial director of the Lopota Resort

Maka, what have you brought to the team?

After taking on this position, the first thing I did was to establish worldwide international standards. Why Lopota? Because it’s Georgian and it’s Good, I think it’s the most successful Georgian product and I’m very proud of it. I believe that thanks to the management team, I will cope with my responsibility and the most exciting thing for me is to already see the results.

What kind of novelties will be implemented in the context of development?

“Lopota Lake Resort & Spa” is always oriented on development. The resort began with just seven rooms and now you can see a whole complex and, of course, it’s the result of constant work. It’s a real pleasure for me to be part of the team, where all, including the founders and managers, are focused on growth and development. A very significant fact happened this year with the agreement between “Lopota Lake Resort & Spa” and “the Partnership Fund” being concluded, which aims to put USD 5.4 million invest ment into development of the resort. Consequently, three new blocks with additional 85 guest rooms and a new administration block will be soon built here, plus two indoor and outdoor swimmingpools, huge event space and a Château – a special area for winemaking and a premium class restaurant.

What is the most attractive thing for tourists here?

First of all, the peaceful and green environmenta very soothing atmosphere and a great opportunity to esca pe reality from time to time. Plus, this is a closed resort: everything happens in one space, which is very comfortable. We often have guests from Arabian countries and they really admire the nature. We also have visitors from neighboring countries, Europe and all of them enjoy the atmosphere, Georgian hospitality and individual approach that we deliver.

What extra services do you offer guests?

There are lots of different facilities for enjoying a stay here. We have a cycling path, hiking routes, a Russian bath, a garden and a vineyard. Our outdoor venues are ideal for events, like weddings, birthday parties and corporate events. We are also oriented on healthy food and visitors can take gastronomic pleasure from our bio products. Of course, it should be sowe are in Kakheti!

You have a very interesting Detox program, tell us about it.

This is really a very interesting program which can meet the individual needs of our visitors. If you wish to relax, have a good time and lose some weight, you should definitely try the Detox program. The program is very popular abroad and the prices that we offer are very attractive. Our Forest Spa is something that one should be proud of. The center has marvelous views of the resort. You get the great treatments while once more enjoying the beauty of nature.

Which are the most in-demand months at Lopota?

The busiest months are July and August, but it was a pleasant news for us that April also was very active this year in comparison with the previous year. “Lopota Lake Resort & Spa ” is a resort for four seasons and we look forward to even more extended season this and the upcoming years.

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