Rosebud Georgian Premium Socks

Young couple Anna Khazaradze and Kote Gunia who founded the startup have been developing this idea since spring 2016. As a first step, they star ted an online shop at further follo wed by a store in Tbilisi Mall. The brand is planning to expand further in department stores with new collection on its way. Rosebud is a new Georgian brand that appeared on the market in March 2017. Rosebud has a very interesting back-story from which the name of the brand derives. Rosebud takes its origins from all time masterpiece “Citizen Kane” directed by Orson Welles. “Rosebud” is the name of protagonist’s childhood sledge, which at one glance embodies insignificant object that in fact is the most important thing for the character. This exact film became the inspiration for our brand concept. The approach of founders towards the product is the same as the brand pays a lot of attention to little details that seem to be insignificant but in reality, creates one’s style.

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