Kakheti is often associated with awesome wine and the majestic slopes of the Caucasian mountains. This region is home to various landmarks, but in order to fully feel its charm, you should defi nitely visit Sighnaghi, the “Museum – Town” that sits proudly atop the Cold Gombori Mountains. With good touristic infrastructure, comfy hotels and cozy restaurants oriented to gourmet family food, Sighnaghi is a wonderful place to spend the weekend. The city has kept its authentic historical and architectural look- narrow and cobbled streets follow a slope and houses are located on terraces. House roofs dating back to the XIX century also add special charm to the city. 

Sighnaghi is one of Georgia’s smallest and most beautiful tourist centers. With a population of approximately 2,000 people, the city and its surroundings are picturesque with their stunning landscapes, historical monuments, wine cellars and the Ethnographic Museum. One of Sighnaghi’s best-loved features is the longest fortress-wall in Georgia (4.5 km long), which harmonically blends in with the urban space. Sighnaghi fortress is the biggest among the historical buildings of Georgia, spread across 40 hectares in an uneven location, following as it does the mountain relief, before slipping down into the deep ravine. In historical sources Sighnaghi as a town fi rst appears in accounts of the XVIII century. Before this, the territory was known as Kambechovani and later Kiziki. There was no serfdom in Kiziki and people subordinated only to a king. It is very interesting to visit St. Stephan’s church (1762) in Sighnaghi, built into the tallest tower of the wall, from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the city and Alazani Valley. In Sighnaghi’s Archeological-Ethnographic Museum, located at # 8 Rustaveli Cul-de-Sac, you can check out paintings of the world-famous Georgian primitivist painter Niko Pirosmani. The artist was from Kakheti and his art, especially in its fi rst phase, was inspired by the region. At different times the same museum has hosted exhibitions of Pablo Picasso, John Wurdeman and Lado Gudiashvili. 

And don’t miss a chance to visit Sighnaghi’s Wedding House, a beautiful architectural monument which was built in the XIX century.

Sighnaghi is also home to various folk festivals throughout the year. 

There are a number of remarkable cafes and restaurants in Sighnaghi, often serving gourmet dishes made of organic products. There are also over ten hotels suitable for all types and tastes of visitors. 

If you want to escape the city buzz and spend several days in the fresh air and enjoy soothing atmosphere, the hotel Brigitte located in the center of Sighnaghi is a place you were looking for. 

You have an opportunity to enjoy stunning views over Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains, explore historic monuments and the beautiful architecture of the city. 

Apart from the cultural sites of Sighnaghi, the hotel Brigitte can provide you and your family with comfortable stay. The price of each room includes personal hygiene items, breakfast, free Wi-Fi, TV and two swimming-pools. 

Those who wish to get culinary experience can join a special “Gourmand Tour” that features making of barbeque, baking traditional Georgian bread and tasting them afterwards, dipping Churchkhela and distilling vodka. 

Exploring Kakheti without tasting wine is unbelievable; consequently if you decide to get this special feel, you have an opportunity to taste from 2 to 4 different types of wines at the Brigitte hotel wine cellar. 

The Hotel Brigitte

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