Studio 7

Nestled in a quiet residential street in the heart of Tbilisis’ historic centre Sololaki, Studio 7 is the place to go for top class fitness classes, spa and a whole range of beauty treatments. Frequented by trendy locals, internationals living and working here and even tourists, Studio 7 is a must visit place for affordable prices and friendly environment.

The first thing that strikes you upon entering is precisely that friendliness and cozy atmosphere. Next comes the buzz from hair driers, music from the fitness class, general chatter between loyal clientele and staff and smell of freshly brewed coffee. Everyone is smiling and why wouldn’t they? Someone is just out of the exercise class – high on endorphin- the happy hormone proven to be released while exercising. Or just finished the manicure and is drying the nail varnish while listening to the conversations around the room. Or is just about to go in for a relaxing massage after a long day. What’s not to like? The atmosphere is contagious and makes you feel like joining the club!

Nini Kitsi, the founder is somewhere there too. Unobtrusively. You might mistake her for a customer as she is about to go in to join the dance or a yoga class. She tells us she and her sister opened this place 6 years ago as an «all in one space for women» and they knew it would be a success. They tirelessly promote exercise and healthy lifestyle and – rightly so – take some credit for making fitness popular in Tbilisi. They say the test everything on themselves before offering to customers, they listen and respond to feedback, they introduce new services and most importantly they talk to customers, many of whom have become friends. They believe success is in those little personal touches. And the fantastic Studio 7 team. We agree.

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