Everything started with an ambitious and defiant slogan. A group of dreamers got toge ther in one space to create a digital ‘art area’ for them selves and for others. In order to share the most subjunctive and important informa tion and to bring together likeminded people on one platform. Many writers, artists, musicians, directors and others first joined the Artarea internet channel in 2012, which saw a group of people creating blogs and video blogs instead of journalists. The new digital platform was a success for the new generation and the Artarea team has become not only an informational team, but a union of people making art.

The innovative campaign was supported by TBC Bank, which has been the most significant partner of Artarea to date.

The digital Artarea has stepbystep become multimedia, putting together a broadcasting channel, internet television and an art space.

Switch off TV was changed to Switch on Artarea. 

Artarea archives significant art events, making them accessible for future generations.

The Artarea art space regularly hosts a variety of activities: lectures (Street Academy), modern music lives (Live@Twilight), and modern art exhibitions, performances and installations by Georgian and foreign artists.

Apart from these activities, Artarea initiates different cognitive, cultural and urban projects such as Tbilisi Yard and Tbilisi Tours, products having already established themselves as independent platforms.

Artarea has turned 5 and is surrounded by 100,000 consumers and thousands of spectators. Artarea representatives are still very motivated and enthusiastic to serve those people who really care and are looking for new and alternative experiences.

So, switch on Artarea and experience culture. 

A series of different programs was created on the platform of Artarea’s internet television and broadcasting channel, with programs and video blogs featuring music, literature, visual art, photography, architecture, talk shows about culture, educational programs, documentaries about art and artists, concerts and cultural information. 

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