Tbilisi Business Hub – Innovation in the Georgian Market

“Tbilisi Business Hub”-  is a new word in the Georgian market. Both physical and corporate bodies can receive high quality and professional services in single-window space of the Hub, including in legal, financial, notarial, architecture/design, translating, event management, planning/organizing of business trips and so on.

The Company has done its best to provide maximally comfortable environment for their clients, including preliminary planning of meetings at desirable department and at desirable time.

As to foreign investors, the Hub offers company registration and market research services, as well as mediation services and establishing contacts with corresponding state and domestic business sector representatives.

Naturally, valuable services are provided by professional staff with modern education. The company team is staffed with experienced personnel educated in western countries. All of them are professionals with high level of communication skills that are of crucial importance for successful business activities.

“Tbilisi Business Hub” provides qualified legal services to both physical and legal bodies. Lawyers of the company, first of all, take care and protect the interests of the company clients and satisfy their demands thoroughly. There is also offered standard and basic notarial services, including online services and off-site notarial services. 

The Hub offers high-standard auditor and bookkeeping services that includes both taxation, customs and express audits, as well as participation in tax and customs disputes and taxation consulting. There is also opportunity of carrying out a complex outsourcing of company financial management and expertise of bookkeeping. 

They also offer full package of services of exterior and interior design of multi-storied buildings, individual residential houses, public, commercial spaces, provides construction works and overhaul works due to the interior design that are maximally adapted to client’s needs. 

To make the company services more perfect, Tbilisi Business Hub offers services of certified translators in various languages.

Besides the above-mentioned, the company offers planning/organizing of business trips. The Hub offers the service of booking tickets and hotel suites, filling out the visa application forms and provides related services to everybody, who plan to leave for business meeting. 

Furthermore, they offer additional services to their clients. They can use Hub’s offices and conference hall with modern equipment and infrastructure for their meetings.

Moreover, Tbilisi Business Hub is not confined only by business activities. The company permanently holds exhibition of modern painters. This is an additional stimulus both for artists and that part of society, who are interested in art. In this way, the company makes environment more interesting for people working here and for our existing and potential clients.

Thus, TBH is waiting for you here, where you can enjoy top level services and very pleasant environment. 

“Tbilisi Business Hub” – Trust and Honesty for Your Business.

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