In recent years, Tbilisi has seen a number of interesting and individually styled concept stores, selling items not mass-produ-ced in an attempt to revolutionize tastes and to create a space for style-conscious young people to dress up and hang out.

CO.MODE concept store, located at #14 I. Abashidze Street, Tbilisi, is one such place, attracting people with its comfy and bright interior and, of course, with a collection of fashionable and conceptual clothes, shoes, hats, handmade bags and other accessories made by young Georgian designers. All items in the shop are made in Georgia based on individual style as well as world fashion trends.

CO.MODE has become a popular place – with liberal prices, high quality and good service. As Nino Ugrekhelidze, a founder of the store, noted, CO.MODE has its own sewing salon and also a fast-sewing service to cope with the demands of clients. Most important, the concept store works with approximately 50 Georgian designers, including beginners – a really brilliant chance to promote and motivate talented artists.

CO.Mode had a very active and productive summer and has opened a new store in Georgia’s seaside town Batumi. So, now it is possible to purchase CO.MODE products in ‘Batumi Mall’ at #88 Gorgiladze Street.

Moreover, taking into consideration the increased inte rest of foreign customers, CO.MODE created an online store

More important news from the brand happened this summer with Nino Ugrekhelidze being invited to participate in the SABIT Fashion Business Program on bahalf of the US Department of Commerce.

20 business representatives from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia and Kazakhstan were chosen in a competition and as Nino says, “each of us was chosen because we repre-sent the best and brightest that our companies have to offer”.

The three-week experience in four American cities (Washington D.C, New York, Los Angeless, Las Vegas) provided her with valuable information about fashion and gave her business contacts to advance the company.

“It is a kind of a challenge for CO.MODE to increase the number of employees in order to create more production, taking into consideration the world standards and maintaining high standards and affordable prices,” Ugrekhelidze noted.

The CO.MODE team is working hard and producti vely, moving forward. It will soon be possible to see the brand in cooperation with other foreign brands on the international fashion scene.

CO.MODE’s vision for the next three years is to become a large shareholder of the industry and to provide its clientele with high-quality production and service that makes people feel happier, exclu sive and more confident.

14, Abashidze str. Tbilisi, Georgia 88, Gorgiladze str, (Batumi MALL) Batumi, Georgia T.: 595 23 22 98 558 25 35 20 E.: Facebook: Facebook co.mode.official Follow on Instagram: co.mode_official 

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