The Colorful World of Giorgi Qochiashvili

He painted for himself, walked a lot, made furniture, and was seriously involved in sport, but one bright day he happened to fall into the spotlight of various art-lovers and professionals. Discovered by well-known contemporary art curator Irene Popiashvili, he was met with instant popularity, something that could only encourage and stimulate the self-taught artist and something he finds “also a kind of responsibility” to work hard and move forward. 

Giorgi Qochiashvili’s colorful world is both impressive and full of positive vibrations; he creates massive paintings, often with images of black people. When asked why he paints black people so often, Giorgi replies that he finds much in common with them: their happy mood, inner freedom and positive vibes. Maybe that’s why the artist is so inspired by the films of Jim Jarmush, who also often shoots black people, and by poetry and Japanese culture. In addition, Giorgi takes inspiration from literature and is surrounded by a number of books in his cozy studio/flat decorated with minimal furniture, mostly made by its owner. 

A typical day starts early for him: he walks or rides his bike, reads and paints… when it’s sunny and windy he paints less than on cool and rainy days. 

Going back to childhood memories, Giorgi remembers that when he was a little boy, he often painted deer and stated that he wanted to become a painter. In addition, he is thankful to his mother, who took him to museums and gave him the freedom to model and experiment with clay. 

When asked about the process of painting, the artist answered that he doesn’t make any sketches, just structures a drawing in his mind and afterwards tries to take the images from mind to canvas. 

THINGS YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT? – Humor and Romantics. 

WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON NOW? – At present I’m invited with my curator to an international fair of contemporary art ‘Viennacontemporary’ in Austria and I am among twelve artists from different countries. I really hope to return home 

with positive feedback. 

DO YOU PLAN A PERSONAL EXHIBITION SOON? – Not yet, I’ll wait at least one year. 

WHERE CAN WE SEE YOUR PAINTINGS? – In Irene Popiashvili’s gallery, in my house and on Instagram. 

THANK YOU! – You’re welcome.

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