Crowne Plaza Borjomi

Crowne Plaza Borjomi Hotel and Wellness Resort is situated in the heart of Borjomi, a picturesque Georgian spa and resort town well known for its artesian natural springs, sulfur pools, amazing nature. Hotel is situated just a few minutes’ walk from the famous Borjomi Historical Park on Baratashvili Street.

The town is also famous for the Romanov summer palace in Likani (3 km away from the hotel) which was built under the order of Nicholas Romanov. The residence then became a tourist resort. During Soviet times, a lot of tourists from different countries visited the palace.

Nestled between hills and by a small river, on its own guarded territory, Crowne Plaza Borjomi represents a heaven for those looking to relax and rejuvenate.

Crowne Plaza Borjomi offers a Spa Center of the highest level to its guests, with total area of 2400 sq. m. on the ground floor of the hotel’s building. The complex was designed by a famous Austrian company specialized in this kind of facility. 21 procedure rooms, two apartments, swimming pools, ‘Tamara Spa’, a mineral stone steam room, a relaxation zone for aqua meditation, a cosmetic beauty salon. Most importantly, the Spa Center is supplied with natural ‘Borjomi’ water, which is used in many procedures, and apart from all that, you will also be more than pleased with the beautiful interior design of the complex. 

The accommodation price includes the use of both the swimming pool and the thermal care zone, which comprises two steam saunas (a traditional Finnish sauna, and another one using eucalyptus and mint extracts); you will also find a Chamomile Steam Room, an Aqua meditation Room, a relaxation zone with water matrasses and a refreshing ice fountain. You can enjoy the gym 24/7. The Yoga Terrace is one of the most delightful places at Crowne Plaza Borjomi: located on the hotel’s roof, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding nature, it hosts special Sunrise Yoga exercises in clean air from 7 AM.

One of the most distinguished spaces at SPA is the Himalayan Salt Steam Room, the walls of which were built with salt from the Himalayan Mountains. Naturally, the main component of the steam is also Himalayan salt, which comprises the 84 minerals that are necessary for the human organism (the major ones present in our blood). These amazing crystals of 250 million years carry healing power. During the steam allocation, salt mineral ions penetrate the skin, balance weak bio-energetic points, stimulate regeneration and lead to deep relaxation.

The ‘Kneipp Path’ is another health-restoring and hydrothe rapy procedure. It was created to revitalize the lower limbs as well as the rest of the body. Sebastian Kneipp was not a scientist but a priest who attracted a great deal of attention on the verge of the 17th-18th centuries. The results of his research are still used in modern hydrotherapy, including small tubs of water at alternating temperatures, known as the ‘Kneipp Path’. Venous insufficiency, tired feet syndrome, lower limbs edema – these are only some examples of the disorders prevented by this very effective 15-minute-long prophylactic procedure.

If you want to gather at the Spa with your family circle or friends, then you need to book the ‘Tamara Spa’, where you will be able to enjoy an oxygenated pool with pearls, as well as aqua meditation and a mineral stone steam room. If they wish to, guests also have the possibility to experience various kinds of massages. This space will charge you with such energy, that you will feel you can move mountains.

Another destination for Crowne Plaza Borjomi guests are open air sulfur pools are located about three kilometers away from the hotel and the road leading to them passes through such breathtaking nature, that getting there is a most pleasurable adventure in itself, be it in summer or in winter. At the limit of the Borjomi Park, where the marked trails end, starts a small pathway leading to a wonderful pine forest. This place is particularly impressive in winter, when it is surrounded by snow, and one can still enjoy natural therapeutic procedures thanks to the natural warm water of the pools, and what’s more, in an exotic environment and an immaculate, rejuvenating air. The curative properties of sulfur water have been known since antiquity. Sulfur baths have an analgesic effect, and are very beneficial to the skin; apart from cardiovascular and endocrinal diseases, sulfur water also heals joints, diseases related to the spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system, and more.

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