Nestan Nene Kvinikadze  

# 8 

Autumn in Georgia means both a complicated and burdensome period for peasants and phantasmagorical beauty throughout the country. 

Harvest in autumn means diligent work for vine-lovers, so as not to betray the ancient traditions of storing wine in a cellar or in the clay vessel Qvevri. This time, the wine route takes us to Kakheti. 

Aside from gastronomical adventures, the Georgia to See magazine in its autumn issue offers artist’s portrayals and stories about an extraordinary opera performance by Keichiiro Shibuya and remarkable Georgians living outside the country. The must-see places of the capital are again recommended by famous Georgians, so don’t miss out on this season’s Tbilisi cultural line up. 

Enjoy the well-loved collage the Georgia to See magazine has to offer, helping visitors, tourists, photographers – everyone interested in our country, in fact, with a comprehensive and alternative map for planning a trip to Georgia. 

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