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The green garden of Eden in the center of the city, with a real waterfall and air smelling lightly of sulphur. The little river Tsavkisistskali became free from a concrete pipe several years ago and it was a big step forward for the city of rivers covered with concrete. A route from Leghvtakhevi goes to the botanical garden and Narikala fortress. Here is also a crossroads of three religions, a characteristic feature for the multinational city.

FABRIKA on Ninoshvili Street. Created on the basis of an old sewing factory, this place puts together different locales in one space. It’s a great venue for relaxing, sitting in a café, checking out works of contemporary artists, and attending different performances. It reminds me of Andy Warhol’s studio, also called ‘the factory,’ which was a kind of gathering place for bohemian people in the 1960s in New York. Warhol said people who visited the studio to watch his films started to communicate with each other and it is also a common feature with the Georgian Fabrika, an excellent space for getting together. 

TBILISI YARD – a unique live-performance, held in Old Tbilisi ‘Italian’ yards, where visitors can enjoy concerts and explore Tbilisi history.


A beautiful palace built in 1905 for the Maecenas David Sarajishvili. At present, it is a center for intellectual and bohemian people. This house became an association of writers and artists after sovietization. Tourists have an opportunity to explore not only the history of David Sarajishvili, but also different touching stories about Georgian writers living in soviet times. Art-lovers might be interested to visit the rooms named after Pasternak, Steinbeck, Duma and Wardrop. Additionally, you can relax in café ‘Litera’ in the beautiful and cozy green garden there. 


One of the must-visit venues for Tbilisi guests. The best option for getting there is a tram from Chonkadze Street-on your way you can enjoy magnificent views of Tbilisi. You can also visit the Mtatsminda Pantheon of famous Georgian writers and public figures. Apart from stunning views of the city, you can enjoy gastronomic delights there and taste Laghidze Waters and famous gourmet dessert ‘ponchiki’. 

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