LEVAN BUTKHUZI – Biologist, Editor-in-chief of National Geographic Georgia 2012 -2017 

THE “GOLD FUND” in the Georgian National Museum on Rustaveli Avenue. The Fund is a world treasure and the unique Colchian collection is one of its highlights. Visitors to Georgia should not miss this world standard exposition.


Modernist artist David Kakabadze was a multisided person, painter and graphic artist, who also worked in photography, film and theater art, and decorated national celebrations. He is famous for his collages, cubism work and landscapes of his home region Imereti. Kakabadze has influenced not only Georgian but also European art. He was a vivid European character against the background of Asian Tbilisi of that period. 


You can hardly find such a unique net of baths anywhere else. In spite of their international character, they organically blend with the local environment. Most of the baths here can provide tourists with a variety of interesting services, maintaining the cultural traditions. 


There are not many clubs in Tbilisi and BASSIANI is one such rare venue with good music and a modern environment. European guests will feel at home in this club.


You can grab a number of gastronomic delights not only from the wine varieties, desserts and other dishes but also from the tastiest Adjarian khachapuri. From my perspective, this dish and satsivi are the highest points of Georgian cuisine. You won’t forget this khachapuri, prepared with delicious cheese and other ingredients. 

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